brain-thinking2.jpgWhat is a logical or rational person in practical terms? Well it’s a person that uses reason to make life decisions. It’s also a person that doesn’t base their beliefs of off feelings. In addition, this person is skeptical about their beliefs, including their basic beliefs that they’ve assumed for their whole life. Rationality is having a sound mind and basing beliefs on reasons rather (1) than blind faith.

Jonathan, so what! Well, rationality and reason are not just abstract entities that do not manifest in the world. Rather, they are to be used everyday. Why? Because it’s a moral problem and reasonable.

Why would not using reason and rationality be a moral problem? Well suppose that your Mom or Boss decided to punish you.

When you ask for a reason he or she responds with, “I don’t have a reason, I just feel this way.” Would any sane person accept this? No. Rather, humans rational a lot of the time and realize that we need reasons for believing something.

You want justification, for example, that your Boss has a good reason for punishing you. Accepting “Just Cause” or “I just feel it” is not only disrespectful to your humanity, it’s also immoral from the stand point of the boss.

Furthermore, if a pilot just assumes that there is enough fuel in the tank to get them to Africa without checking, that’s not only irrational but it’s also immoral. It’s immoral regardless of what happens.

It’s reasonable to act as a logical person because acting without reasons makes life difficult. If I just feel that I should apply for a certain job without reasons for doing so, my job interview go terribly, and I probably won’t get the job.


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