Three types of Persuasion

images (1)When arguing with a fellow employee or boss, it can be hard to discuss things when disagreeing a lot of time. However, disagreeing or trying to convince somebody of something isn’t necessarily bad or wrong. The hard part a lot of time is trying to persuade someone to your side.
For someone in management they can appeal to their employees in a few ways in order to get them on your side, which has a lot of practical benefits to have someone on your side in agreement.

The famous Philosopher, Aristotle, came up with three way to persuade someone. Pathos, Ethos, and Logos.(1) In other words, you can appeal to emotion, character/credibility, and reason.
The most common way to persuade someone, which we know from experience, is through emotion. This can include pleading with them through your body language or by promising some benefit. The later can be very unethical, especially in the realm of politics. Be careful if you care about morality.

The second way to convince someone is through ethos. This can be done by appealing to an authority. For example, someone can appeal to Martin Luther King (2) as an example of a good leader with good character, so he’s somebody that should be taken seriously in terms of how to lead and how to do it right.

The final way is through logos or logic. This can be done through providing evidence or reasons for accepting a proposition. For example, someone could point out that gravity exists because nobody is going to go jump off a building. It’s irrational and unreasonable, put in other terms. One could also provide physical evidence like photos and witnesses to testify to the fact that the earth is not flat.



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