If there is a designer of the universe, then who designed the designer?

This is an objection posed by some atheists. 

The claim is that if there is a designer of the universe, then that designer must have a designer, ad infinitum. Therefore, who designed the designer? 

I think that this objection is grossly mistaken about design. Design does not get you straight to the God of theism. But it is evidence in favor of the world view.

In order to know that the universe was designed by a designer, you don’t have to know who designed the designer. Obviously!

For example, I see a table that was designed by someone. But obviously I don’t need to know anything about the designer and where he came from. 

Also the objection assumes that the designer can’t be a necessary being. As a necessary being, He couldn’t have had a designer. 

“In order to recognize that an explanation is the best explanation, you don’t have to have an explanation of the explanation.” ~William Lane Craig

This is the basic principle. 

I know that the best explanation of me existing is because of my parents. But I don’t need to know the explantation for my parents existing in order to know that they birthed me. 

Finally, God is not composed of parts. God is a simple being who is not material. God is eternal, uncaused, and timeless. God is not made up of “stuff” like the universe is. He is an immaterial being. He is far different from the universe, in other words. 


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