Do objective moral values exist?

By objective, I mean to say that something is a matter of fact regardless if people think otherwise. 

1. 2+2=4 regardless if everyone disagreed. 

2. Child torture is wrong regardless if people disagree. 

3. Rape is wrong independently of what anybody thinks. 

4. A chair is not the same thing as a flower regardless if everyone said otherwise. 

Now some people have argued that objective moral values don’t exist. They will say that it’s a matter of opinion. However, this skepticism is unwarranted. 

How you live reveals what you truly believe, and nobody lives as if morality is mere opinion. We don’t say, “Well that was wrong to me”. No we say, “That was wrong as a matter of fact.” 

The person who says that morality isn’t objective, is just as mistaken as a person who denies that there is an external world outside our mind or that objective truth exists independent of what we think. 

There’s really no more reason to deny that morality is objective, then to deny one’s existence. It’s absurd. 

If one has taken a basic ethics class, they will soon realize that morality can’t be subjective. It’s against all intuition and experience. 


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