Why does God not give us his reason(s) for allowing seemingly horrible evils?

God doesn’t give us a reason a lot of times because like children with parents, the parents know that it won’t do any good at the time of the trial. Rather, the parent waits to reveals the reason later on in the child’s life. The parents knows that child wouldn’t understand even if they told the child the reasons. The answer would come across like an algebra equation.
Also, giving an answer would do more harm than good a lot of the time. How would it be any more comfortable if God always made it obvious what the reasons were for allowing suffering? The fact is, the trials are still hard! Knowing the answer won’t do much good during the actual trial. Let’s be honest here!

Next, God giving us reasons sometimes would just lead to chaos. Imagine a conversation like this:

“God why did you let me get fired from my job today?”

Answer: Because if you went in the next day you would have been shot

“Wait, I would have been shot?”

Answer:….Yes you would have been shot and that would have led to a series of events to where you’re life would have tumbled out of control for 10 years.

“Huh? What would have happened? Would I have done drugs? Would I have left the Faith?”

Answer: “You would have turned to being so obsessed with cars that you would have gotten in a car wreck. And then 5 years later, oh man…”

End Conversation

Here we can see that what seems to be a simple answer to suffering or conversation about it turns into a deep conversation that is really bizarre and a halt to the mystery of life. I wouldn’t think God would want me to live a life where I know everything that’s going to happen. In fact, that would cause me more anxiety!


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