Interpretation Scripture and scientific evidence.

Recently, I’ve been getting kind of semi annoyed at certain hardcore fundamentalists.

What about?

Well, it’s in regards to the interpretation Scripture as it relates to Scientific evidence.

It’s argued that we shouldn’t sacrifice the Bible at the alter of Science.

Well, I don’t know many Christians who would contest that. But as I interpret the claim, it seems to be almost question begging. Why think this? Well it seems like the person is assuming their interpretation has to be correct but they disguise this by saying your against the Bible if you change your interpretation based of new scientific evidence. In other words, this objection seems very confused.

I’m not challenging the Bible is it is in itself apart from human opinion. Rather I am changing my interpretation of Scripture as to what I think it is actually saying.

In fact, we do this all the time as Christians when interpreting the Bible based off other considerations and non-scientific evidence.


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