Would it be surprising that we have a God “gene” or innate belief in God on theism?

Lately I have been reading up on scientific and philosophical works dealing with the issue of the innate belief in God in humans. It comes in various forms. Some propose that we have an innate belief in God or that we come to believe in God because it is comfortable and because of their fear of death.

But how exactly is any of this surprising if God exists? We’d expect God to give us an innate belief that he exists. We’d also expect him to care about us so that we’d have no reason to fear death because it won’t be the end. Belief in God is comforting, yes. We have many comfortable beliefs but that doesn’t mean that they are therefore false.

Belief in God could be evolutionary advantageous. But so what? That says nothing about whether or not God exists. Nor does it say anything about whether one is rationally justified in believing in God or not. All it says is how one came to believe in God. God can set up the world however he please, including how people come to believe in him.


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