On my own existence

It seems that once I have doubted my existence, I am thus affirming my very existence. How could I possibly doubt my existence if I didn’t exist? No one does not doubt. There is no potentiality to be found, in other words. Doubting presupposes that there is a doubter. A doubter is a person.
Even if it was the case that I was dreaming, I still would at least exist in some substance of mind. But suppose that a mad scientist was stimulating the neurons in my brain to give me the impressions in my mind. It’d still be the case that I cannot reasonably doubt my own existence. For even if it turned out to be the case that I don’t actually exist in the capacity that I think because the mad scientist is stimulating my brain, the very act of doubting and thinking presupposes that I already exist!
I could be wrong about everything else. But I can not be wrong that I exist. I am doubting, therefore, I exist.


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