Are some human persons non-resistantly unaware that God exists?

In other words, are some humans open to a relationship with God, yet they just can’t seem to believe that God exists to begin with?

Well it certainly seem thats we all have genuine doubts at times, and it seems that these doubts aren’t wrong in and of themselves. But that’s precisely what’s in doubt. What I mean is, it certainly seems obvious that we have genuine doubts. However, it’s not obvious that a person can go their entire life being non-resistantly unaware that God exists. I can’t read into the hearts and minds of people who appear to be genuine and who appear to not be genuine. For all we know, the person that seems or was genuine for 10 years, starts to openly declare how He wouldn’t worship God. That’s not to say that he wasn’t genuine for 10 years, but it is to say that perhaps he changed his mind towards God and decided that he wouldn’t worship God if he did exist.

For an atheist, it seems quite plausible that a person can be non-resistant to God. But that’s exactly the problem, we can sometimes even deceive ourselves or trick ourselves into thinking one thing, when at the end of the day we know what’s really true and what’s really false. Note that this argument isn’t some sort of rationalization, rather it’s noting the obvious fact that we can sometimes trick ourselves. Consider the alcoholic. Sometimes they will go kicking and screaming before they admit they have a problem. The same can be said about most people and most addictions. Think of the person who struggles with anorexia. A lot of the times they see themselves as worse than they really are, or worse than how others view them. And when they are confronted, they usually don’t admit that they have a problem until a long time has passed (if they ever admit they have a problem).

Furthermore, it might seem plausible to the atheist but it’s not going to be plausible to the theist. But is it going to be plausible to the agnostic? I don’t think it’s obvious that the agnostic should just accept as self-evident that some persons are unaware that God exists in a non-resistant way. Well what if the agnostic takes their own self as an example? Well the problem with this is that the agnostic could easily deceive himself into thinking he’s open to God when he is not in fact open to God. Perhaps it would be best for the agnostic to say he doesn’t know whether he is resistant or not to be in a relationship with God.


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