Argument from mind: How the existence of mind points to the existence of God

1. The mind exists
-I have pain, thoughts, reason, sense awareness, emotions, etc.

2. The existence of the mind or others minds can’t exist, except by reference to the existence of a Cosmic Mind
-Can matter give rise to mind? Emotionless and non-rational matter can’t give rise to emotion because there is no potentiality in the nature of matter to become or give rise to thought or emotion.
Things like rocks and neurons don’t reason. They don’t have consciousness. It’s impossible that they could reason given their nature. It doesn’t matter if you collect a trillion neurons. Notice it doesn’t matter that Science doesn’t have all the answers in. Science will no more discover that mind can come from non-mind than discover that something can come from nothing. Something can’t come from nothing because from nothing, nothing comes. Similarly, it seems metaphysically impossible for matter to give rise to thoughts, intentions, emotion, and reason. Non-life produces non-life, life produces life, mindlessness produces mindlessness, etc.
-Can abstract/platonic objects bring about the existence of finite minds? It seems no because abstract or platonic objects can’t cause or bring about anything by their very definition.
-A Cosmic mind provides an adequate explanation because a Cosmic Mind already has in its nature the ability to reason, think, etc. The Cosmic Mind fashions finite minds with the blueprint already available.

3. Therefore, a Cosmic Mind exists
4. If there is evidence for a Cosmic mind, this favors theism over naturalism
5. Therefore, theism is more probable, given the existence of a Cosmic mind


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