You can run the problem of evil even if you can’t account for “laws of logic”

It seems you can even be some what of a nihilist when it comes to truth and still run the evidential problem of evil. You don’t even have to account for the laws of logic or rationality. It seems that all one has to do is clarify who the problem is for. The problem of evil is mainly posed as a problem for the theistic world view and as such, means that it doesn’t matter what the atheists’ personal views are on the matter. Once the theist runs into the problem, he must figure out how to reconcile it with his world view and figure out if he even can reconcile it with his world view. Therefore , I think it’s dishonest when certain internet personalities say, “How can you even run such an argument? You can’t even account for reason or logical laws on your world view.” While I think that can be a problem, it’s not a relevant in terms of the evidential problem of evil and it certainly isn’t a problem in terms of running reductio ad absurdum arguments. Not to mention, simply asserting that someone can’t account for reason without further elaborating is question begging, and almost assumes that one must come up with an account of reason before they can trust it, which is probably dubious in light of the fact that it seems reasonable to hold to reason. Also, there seems to be somewhat of a self-refuting nature in denying reason. For it seems that once someone starts to deny reason, they are using reason to deny reason, thus affirming reason.

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