It’s an exciting time for Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion got big again around 40-50 years ago after the collapse of logical positivism/verificationism. A lot of those Philosophers since then have either retired or passed away. I think there’s been enormous progress in the field ever since that start years ago. There’s now being papers published left and right. I think this generation is going to contribute even more than last generation because of the fact that there are so many original papers being published. For example, there are so many papers just being published on the topic of skeptical theism. And there are even more papers being published on the topic of God’s existence than ever before. Furthermore, some of the biggest contributors in the field are atheists. Finally, I think most Philosophers dealing in other branches realize how important the field is. Philosophy of Religion brings in the four main branches of Philosophy (Logic, Metaphysics, Ethics, and Epistemology) such that it’s also a way to really get people to think critically. And at the very least, I’d say it’s generally seen as on par with fields like Philosophy of Mind or Philosophy of Science.


#Philosophy of Religion #Importance/Value of Philosophy of Religion #God #Problem of Evil #Skeptical Theism #How Philosophy fits in with the rest of Philosophy #Critical Thinking


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