“There are no atheists who are non-resistant unbelievers in God”

I don’t understand how some Christians think that every atheist somehow really believes in God (which would seem to entail that there really aren’t any atheists) and is resistant to God. How could they possibly know? This is a hyper-skepticism with implausible consequences. How are we to take somebody’s word for other similar things? You can always say that they don’t really believe X or that they have some hidden motivation. I would never say that theists don’t really believe that God exists, nor should I in a rational sense. Since I do think that they do believe God exists, I would never say that all theists believe in God but they are resistant to God. There have been cultures in the past who didn’t have a concept of an all-loving and all-powerful being, so they couldn’t have possibly believed in such a being. Since they had no concept, it’s hard to say that they were resistant. For myself, it would be hard for me to be resistant to a being that is all-loving and all-powerful. Of course, I would want a relationship with such a being. Even Christians affirm that we are finite creatures who have imperfect reasoning skills. As such, why is it implausible to suggest that people sometimes sincerely doubt whether God exists? Even Christians, at times, want to believe that God exists but go through periods of doubt.

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