Dysteleological Arguments against God’s existence

There are many dysteleological arguments against the existence of God. Dysteleological arguments are usually put forth against design arguments for God’s existence. The project isn’t so much to show that God does not exist from these arguments, rather, the point is supposed to be that design arguments aren’t any good (or are undermined). Why accept design arguments but reject non-design (dysteleological) arguments?

What are some of these arguments?

1. The Argument from Scale
-The point of this argument is to argue from the vast size of the universe to God’s non-existence.

2. The Argument from the Hostility of Life
-The point of this argument is to argue from the fact the most of the universe is hostile to life to God’s nonexistence

3. The Atheistic Argument from Fine-tuning
-This argument says that the fact that the universe has certain physical constants that allow for life is an argument against God’s existence. If God exists, he does not have to fine-tune a physical universe in order for life to exist.

4. The Argument from Poor Biological Design
-Says that the fact that there are certain features of biological organisms that could have been better made for survival (or more optimal) is evidence against the existence of God.

5. The Argument from Finite Beings
-Says that the fact that we are finite beings, instead of more powerful creatures or gods, is evidence against the existence of God.

6. The Argument from the History of Science
-Argues that since so many natural phenomena can be explained without appeal to supernatural agency, that itself is evidence against God’s existence.

7. The Argument from Biological Evolution
-Argues that even though God’s existence is logically compatible with biological evolution, nevertheless, biological evolution is evidence against God’s existence.

8. The Argument from Ugliness
-Seen as an evil twin to the theistic argument from beauty


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