Fallacy Fallacy examples

The fallacy fallacy is a fallacy that asserts that because an argument is fallacious, the conclusion of the argument is false.


Person A: 1) If Socrates is a man, then Socrates is mortal 2) Socrates is mortal 3) Therefore, Socrates is a man

Person B: That’s a fallacious argument; therefore, Socrates was not a man

Explanation: As we can see here, just because the argument given for a claim is fallacious, that doesn’t mean the claim itself is false. It just means that argument is no good.

Person A: God exists because my parents told me so.

Person B: That’s fallacious. Just because your parents told you that God exists, that doesn’t mean that God exists. Therefore, God doesn’t exist

Explanation: It doesn’t follow that God doesn’t exist just because a person has fallacious arguments for the claim that God exists.


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