Is Street Epistemology bad?

Lately, I’ve noticed that there are some Christian apologists (and apologetic websites) who are coming out against street epistemology [1]. Apparently, they are displeased with it, which is weird because street epistemology is essentially the Socratic method.

It’s true that a lot of atheists are using street epistemology, but that doesn’t make the Socratic method/street epistemology wrong to use. In fact, a Christian apologist Greg Koukl has wanted Christians to engage in a somewhat similar method.

But even if an atheist is engaged in street epistemology, that doesn’t mean they are wanting someone to give up their belief that God exists. Rather, the objective is that atheists want theists/Christians to examine their reasons for believing the proposition,”God exists”. If a theist has good evidence/arguments for their belief, then there’s nothing to worry about. If a theist doesn’t have good reasons or evidence, then the theist should do more research.

The accusation from apologists is also ignorant because street epistemologists don’t just talk about God’s existence. In fact, I’ve seen videos where atheists are questioned about their nonbelief/disbelief. They also talk about other supernatural things like Karma. Moreover, I’ve seen videos where street epistemologists are asking questions about morality, free will, politics, etc.

My conclusion is that these apologists are just (mostly) ignorant about what street epistemology is all about.


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2 thoughts on “Is Street Epistemology bad?

  1. Gary

    Do you believe that it is necessary for someone to have an understanding of philosophy in order to evaluate universal truth claims?

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