Do Miracles Actually Happen?

The main question, with regards to miracles, is not whether they are (logically) possible. Rather, a bunch of other issues arise once we think about miracles.  Let’s look at some potential worries and issues.

1. Does the supernatural exist? And, do we need to also establish that God probably exists before establishing a miracle claim?

2. If we identify a miracle/supernatural event, how do we know that it came from God?

3. How do we know that the event won’t turn out to be explained by science?

4. Can we ever be rationally justified to accept miracle claims on the basis of testimonial evidence alone? If so, doesn’t the evidence need to be really strong?

5. Would God even want to perform miracles? Are there reasons to suppose that God would not want to perform miracles?

6. Why think something is a miracle instead of just a brief lapse in the regularity of nature?

In other words, to demonstrate something like “God probably raised Jesus from the dead” one is going to have to overcome a lot of problems.

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8 thoughts on “Do Miracles Actually Happen?

      1. If you believe in the Bible, you can read many accounts of miracles there. If you know anyone who anyone who has received a miracle before, you may ask him or her to explain to you. If you have any issue in your life that you consider impossible you can ask for a miracle, that way you can experience it first hand.

      2. I would say most of the time the evidence of a miracle is in the timing. Many experiences I have had may not have been out of the ordinary except that it was right when I needed it or was praying about it or was open to looking for an answer from God. Do you want examples?

  1. I will give you a few anyway. 😊
    1. When my 4th baby was little, around 18 mos., I was in my bathroom doing my hair. The bathroom was attached to my bedroom where my baby was playing. Pretty soon I heard a crashing sound and upon hurriedly checking on what had happened I could see that my baby had climbed up on to my dresser which made it tip and make the drawers come falling out. This normally would have been a very injurious incident as the dresser could have fallen directly onto him or the dressers could have at least caught his legs and tummy. However, my toddler ended up being across the room completely uninjured. To me that was evidence of a miracle from God and that perhaps there were angels that carried him in their arms. I have no other explanation. Because even if he had been knocked clear across the room by force, there would be some evidence of injury.
    2. I came to a point about 3 years ago after being away from my parents who were clear across the US that I just really wanted to either be living by family or have them live by me. So, I prayed that something would work out. At the time my parents were completely set that they would live at their current place for the rest of their lives. I went to what I consider “God’s house,” or a temple (not literally where he dwells, but where his spirit is manifest as it is a house dedicated to him). As I was feeling rather broken hearted in my yearning for family to be close by I prayed again and immediately there appeared a rainbow over the temple. For on, rainbows are important to me, and for two, I take that as one of God’s signs that he remembers his promises. So as I sat there I felt that my prayers were being answered. The very next day, my dad went out on his usual walk and got an impression to his mind that he needed to sell his house and move clear across the US to a town right next door to where I live. A few days later they called to tell me they would be moving and within a couple months that prayer had been complete. To me that was a huge miracle because the timing was just so and the answer was better than anything I expected. You have to understand how firmly my dad felt they would not be moving, yet somehow his heart changed almost instantly.
    Every day these little things occur where the timing is just right when I pray. Every day when I pray for strength from God I receive it. And when I don’t I usually don’t feel that good inside. It makes a complete difference for my life. I feel like God says yes as much as possible to those who believe unless there is good reason to say no. I have seen that thousands of times.

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