Argument from Boredom

Alvin Plantinga has an argument for God’s existence called, “The Argument from Play and Enjoyment”.

Here’s what Plantinga says:

Fun, pleasure, humor, play, enjoyment. (Maybe not all to be thought of in the same way.) Playing: evolution: an adaptive means of preparing for adult life (so that engaging in this sort of thing as an adult suggests a case of arrested development). But surely there is more to it than that. The joy one can take in humor, art, poetry, mountaineering, exploring, adventuring (the problem is not to explain how it would come about that human beings enjoyed mountaineering: no doubt evolution can do so. The problem is with its significance. Is it really true that all there is to this is enjoyment? Or is there a deeper significance? The Westminster Shorter Catechism: the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him (and his creation and gifts) forever.

It seems that we can flip this argument into an argument against the existence of God. If fun is evidence for God’s existence, then boredom is evidence against God. Let’s call it, “The Argument from Boredom Against the existence of God”.

6 thoughts on “Argument from Boredom

  1. canyonboy

    Perhaps boredom is just the lack of fun (like evil is the lack of good).

    So following from that one can ask : “How can God and boredom coexist?”

    Perhaps an argument from boredom might fail like an argument from evil fails.

      1. We’re looking at “boredom” vs “existence of God” here. How does probability come in? Would you explain? I can only conceive of the issue as being about the compatibility vs. incompatibility of the concepts.

    1. I’d like to just answer my own question, in case anyone’s reading. Yes the argument is probabilistic. It is not definitely. However, it is probabilistic (i.e. it points to a probability) because it is based on the incompatibility of the concepts “boredom” vs “existence of God”. Thus, I second @canyonboy here.

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