I was born in 1992, and I grew up in Franklin, Tennessee (right outside Nashville). I went to the University of Tennessee for my undergraduate work where I studied Philosophy after attending my high school, which was Christ Presbyterian Academy. Right now I am in Graduate school in Philosophy with a focus in Philosophy of Religion, and I also have a passion for Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics.

I love Philosophy, especially Philosophy of Religion

Some of my undergraduate works: (some  works already posted on this blog)


Peter Klein and infinitism epistemology

Philosophy of Religion:

Adams’ argument for the compatibility of Hell and God

Graduate Works-More forthcoming, although, I have posted some of my papers in my blogs posts here. I’m currently responding to the logical argument from natural suffering against God’s existence that is a response to a recent or new formulation of the argument from natural suffering; I argue that the logical argument from natural suffering is a failure even in its new formulation.
I am also working on an original paper which proposes a new interpretation of Voltaire and his stance on the problem of evil.


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